Nature’s best kept secret brought to life for the contemporary kitchen

Discovering the Great British Truffle Cover

Discovering the Great British Summer Truffle - Second print run!
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There are two comments I hear each time I mention my book to someone, “Are there really truffles in Great Britain?”, and “Can’t you only use pigs to find them?”. In this original book, Marion Pennington and I dispel the myths and share our very personal journeys of discovery.

The book begins by telling tales of truffles in Britain and ‘how I came to train Britain’s premier truffle hound, Mufti. The text is packed with information about some of the different kinds of truffle out there, as well as some background on our neighbouring truffles over in Europe.

In the second part of the book, Marion ‘Maz’ Pennington educates on the subject of truffle cuisine. She takes the reader on journey from basic starter recipes to more advanced dishes. Above and beyond typical pasta recipes, Maz experiments with sole and salmon, with venison wellington and ballotine of chicken, with trifle, real chocolate truffles, and the eagerly awaited hot truffle shot, to mention but a few. Each recipe is delightfully written, superbly photographed, and, of course, magically infused with the taste of Britain’s best kept secret, the Summer Truffle.

Discovering the Great British Truffle - page sample #1

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