About Marion Dean,
founder of Truffle Hunters Dog School

I have been training truffle hounds since 2006, however my relationship with teaching animals started many decades ago with horses. My fascination with truffles started after reading an article in a glossy magazine.

The article was about truffle orchards. Had my facilities been suitable I would have bought some trees there and then. They weren’t and that problem took a little longer to resolve, but four years down the road we have moved house and the truffle impregnated trees have been planted.

I was able to open the Dog School very quickly. This has now expanded and developed exceeding even my wildest dreams. There are now many dogs enjoying their scent work and some are even returning for the highest accolade I can give them, an “advanced” certificate, which recommends their use in commercial harvesting situations.

My training is based on a partnership, a relationship of mutual respect which develops over time as the dog learns what the handler requires and the handler learns to listen to what the dog is saying. I find it magical and always have done but then again, that fits in rather well with truffles, doesn’t it?

Our British culture bears a great influence on the content of my teaching and training. Truffles are nearly unheard of outside circles of dining excellence, and much of what is written about them tends to linger on exceedingly high monetary values. My training days therefore need to include a broad range of truffle information… And taste tests wherever possible!

Marion Dean
Truffle Hunters Dog School